Autumn 2017 at Trinity Churches

We’re really looking forward to the next few months in the life of the Church. Of course there’s so much more to life than Sundays, but here’s a reminder of of what we’re going to be exploring together in our Sunday services…

Morning services – the book of Ezra

In the mornings we’re going to be taking a look through the book of Ezra. Tucked away in the middle of the Old Testament, this is part of the story of the people of God returning home. They have been in exile in Babylon, but now they are invited to come back. They find Jerusalem in rubble and ruin, and they are called to return. And, as part of coming home, they rediscover what worship is about, what a whole-life given over to God looks like, and what it means to live distinctive lives in the world around.

There’s a lot to commend this book for our times today.

Evening Services – the book of James

In the evenings we’re going to be looking at the book of James. Although not without its critics, it has become for many one of the most cherished books of the Bible. James has a punchy and direct style, “shooting from the hip”, and rather than too many theological exposition it is instead profoundly practical and grounded. Here we find everyday wisdom of how we should speak, how to treat money, what to do when conflict, or suffering, or sickness meets us. It is wonderfully down to earth.