We’ve got lots of great things going on in the life of Trinity Churches in the autumn. From a new Alpha course to community celebrations, from Remembrance 100 to midweek small groups, we very much hope there really is something for everyone.

Take a look below at some of the resources which we hope will help you. You’ll find our events diary with some of the main things taking place, as well as downloads of our Sunday service termcards. You’ll also find “Trinity Life”, our new monthly update with various events taking place in the life of the parish. You’ll have access to sermons too, and once our new sermon series kick off we do encourage you to listen in if you miss something on a Sunday.

Of course, the best way to get to know more about the life of Trinity Churches – and the journey of faith – is to come along and get involved. Whether Sunday or midweek, and whatever ‘age’ or ‘stage’ of life you’re at, we really look forward to welcoming you.

Useful downloads

October 2018 Prayer Diary
October 2018 Trinity Life
September 2018 Trinity Life
Holy Trinity Autumn 2018 termcard
CTK Autumn 2018 termcard

Events diary