Our latest RE:Invigor8 encourages all of us to play our part in raising theGrowing Younger next generation, part of our aim to be ‘Growing Younger’

On Thursday 5th June, from 7.30pm in the Fiwila Room, Trinity Centre, all are welcome to explore this further.

Judith Clarkson, our Children’s worker, explains more:

‘Have you ever wondered how many children you come into contact with during a week? Have you ever wondered what impact you have on those children? I know, I know – you may all be thinking that you are not parents or grandparents, that you wouldn’t volunteer for any Children’s ministry even if it was the last thing on the rota to be filled, that you don’t live near any children……and I’m sure there are many more reasons. But, and I hate to tell you this, within our church and your community, each and every one of you can make a difference in the lives of our children. It may be a smile and a welcome. It may be asking what they have been doing at Trinity Kids during the service.  It may be sharing something of your faith with them. It may be praying for them. The list is endless. But whether you are a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, a member of the same congregation, there are many ways in which you can journey with our children and encourage them as they grow a faith of their own.

The problem is that I know it can be a very scary thought – apart from anything else, you never know what questions they might ask! And that is why we have organised this RE:invigor8 to help you. Whether you are a parent, grandparent or have contact with children in any other way we can help you realise the importance of your role in a child’s life. We can give you tips on understanding how faith develops and the sort of language to use at different levels. We can give you pointers in how to deal with the tricky questions that in all honesty we all have difficulty understanding! And we can ensure that you are able to journey with our children, have fun with them and play your special part in their lives.

Annabel Foulger (10.45) and I would like to invite you to join us on June 5th to share stories and ideas, to encourage each other and to learn how to be bold enough to go out and play our part in making a difference!

Those attending are asked to bring a picture of a child known to you.