Prayer is the most important activity of our lives. It is the main way in which we deepen our relationship with God, developing the ‘transforming friendship’ with our Father in heaven. We’d love to encourage you to give praying a go and join in with the prayer life here at Trinity Churches.


Join us for our adventure of prayer starting Sunday 3rd November – Sunday 10th November. To resource you please take a look at our autumn prayer resource by clicking the button on the right. Please also visit our page for great resources from 24-7 prayer & other useful tips:


There will also be a prayer room in the Trinity Centre available Monday-Friday (4th-8th November) 9am-3pm for you to come and use. We would love to hear what God is saying and revealing to you. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page or on the ‘pause’ page. You can also email Mike Haddaway with any thoughts, comments, stories, testimonies that we will share to encourage others.


Some starting ideas to get you involved in living this life of prayer:

  • #TryPraying– This is our recent initiative to help encourage people to give praying a go. Booklets are available free from Church or download the trypraying app, and follow along for 7 days and see how prayer can transform your life.  Go to to find out more.
  • Prayer Ministry on a Sunday Morning – Make the most of regular opportunities to be prayed for. We offer these opportunities – called ‘prayer ministry’ – at every Sunday service, and these are a great opportunity to someone to come and pray for and with you for God’s blessing, grace and healing in your life.
  • Monthly Prayer Diary – Follow along with this booklet to pray for our local communities every day for a month. Available from the back of church as well as to download from the links to the right.  
  • Parish Prayers –Come to Parish Prayers, taking place every Monday 9.45am to 1030am in the Trinity CentreWe begin with coffee from 9.30am. All very welcome!
  • Join with other people from across the parish in praying and reading the Bible each day. Come and join us at various locations around the parish. (Mon-Fri, 8.40am-9am at Café Connect. Tues 8.40am – 9am at Church in the Meet Place, Wednesday 9am in the Primary School) .

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