Trinity Youth (11s-18s)

B March 2014 MattWe are passionate about Young People! We are not just about running programmes or groups but about supporting young people in all areas of their life.

We believe that young people are amazing, that young people need to know they have a massive God given potential and we want to help, nuture and support them on this part of their life journey. We are passionate about sharing God’s Word and looking at what it means to live life as a Christian.


@ Trinity Youth for 2016-2017



We build communities of young people, who engage with positive activities.

We work with other agencies and the local community to provide a better life for all young people.

We encourage young people to take an active part in their local community.


We live life alongside young people and support them in their journey of faith.

We share the good news of Jesus Christ and support young people as they learn what it means to be a Christian.


We gather as a group of Christians of all ages.

We provide relevant teachings and specific youth focused groups

We encourage the young people to develop a heart that serves others.