10.30am service at Christ the King Radbrook

The Church of Christ the King (CTK) began life in the year 2000, and this is a morning service with an informal feel taking place at Radbrook Community Centre at the heart of Radbrook Green. Lasting for about an hour and a quarter, each service offers a chance to worship together, to hear scripture and respond, and opportunities to pray and be quiet. The fourth Sunday of each month is usually a communion service. All are most welcome, especially those who live in Radbrook Green itself.

Helpful downloads

Autumn Sermon series. Morning. “One anothering”
Autumn Sermon series. Morning. “Heaven on Earth”
Autumn Sermon series. Evening. “This is He”
Autumn Sermon series. Evening. “The Good life”
CTK Autumn 2018 termcard
Holy Trinity Autumn 2018 termcard