Our APCM on 28th April 2019

Our APCM on 28th April 2019

This year’s Annual General Meeting takes place on Sunday 28th April 2019. Everyone is very welcome to attend the meeting, and all those on the electoral roll are invited to get involved in some of the decisions we’ll be taking.

We’ll begin from 6.30pm in the Trinity Centre. We’ll be looking back over the last year, having an update on current discussions about vision and values, and looking ahead to some of the opportunities the next year offers us. We’ll also have the usual elections for wardens and PCC members, and “unsung heroes.”

You’ll find all the documents you need below to help everyone get the best out of the meeting. They are also all available at church. These docs include the report of 2018 which features brief updates on many different areas of our ministry here, as well as an agenda for this year’s meeting. For those interested in some more exact financial background you’ll also find our 2018 accounts.

Meanwhile are you considering standing as a PCC member or warden? This year we are looking for three PCC members to serve at Holy Trinity, alongside the election of at least two new churchwardens. Interested? Or know someone who you might approach? Have a conversation with Phil Cansdale or one of the ministry leadership team, and fill in a form as below.

Agenda for 2019 APCM Report looking back over 2018 Annual accounts for 2018 Minutes from our 2018 meeting


Election to the PCC Election as churchwarden

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