Going Deeper

Sep 2019
New Autumn Prayer Resource

We are pleased to announce that we’re launching a new prayer resource for autumn. For the months October to December there will be daily Bible readings as well as some key themes to help guide your prayers through the week. Many of you will have been using the monthly Prayer Diary and this is similar. Why not use this resource as a small group or in prayer triplets to grow in Faith, Hope and Love? Pick up a copy from church or click on the button below.   Join......

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Nov 2017
Guided Prayer in Lent 2018

Personal prayer is personal – a time when we do business with God one-to-one, in honesty and without the need to defer to other peoples’ expectations of what prayer is. It is an essential part of Christian living. And yet, if you are like me, there are times when we feel that a bit of guidance wouldn’t go amiss. Not ‘expert’ advice (how can someone be an expert on me?) but the companionship of someone who is committed to the same quest. Here is a proposal for next Lent:......

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Oct 2017
God's amazing family - sharing the peace?

This last Sunday Charlotte did a really great sermon as part of our series on the book of Ezra. She talked about living with opposition, and what it might look like for us to be life-givers with our words and our actions. Towards the end she talked about “sharing the peace” in a way that got lots of us thinking. Here it is… _____________ I love the way we Anglicans ‘share the peace’ before communion. It’s a great opportunity to say ‘hello’ to that friend who you haven’t seen......

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Aug 2017
Discipleship Central - Autumn 2017

God is calling us to become whole-life and whole-hearted disciples. It was Dallas Willard who said discipleship is simply recognising that “Jesus knows how to live your life better than you do.”  We’re committed to that as a parish, and finding ways of supporting people of all ages to walk this journey with Christ together. Discipleship Central is a monthly opportunity to help us do that across the parish. We’ll be meeting once a month on a Thursday evening, beginning at 745pm in the Trinity Centre. We’ll start with......

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May 2017
Latest prayer diary is now available

One of the resources lots of people find helpful is the monthly parish prayer diary. Here is May’s version. Paper copies are also available in church. This month’s prayer diary comes against the backdrop of “Thy Kingdom Come”, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s invitation to get churches and individuals praying across the UK. Watch this space for more. We’re also going to be making this more available over the next few weeks by having a specific email distribution list so that people can receive this straight into their inbox. Interested?......

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Mar 2017
Rhythms of Grace - Lent 2017

We’re nearly a fortnight into Lent now, and it’s been great to be spending some time on Sundays and midweek looking at the “Rhythms of Grace” again. The vicar has even coined a new word, “transf-imitation”, which is that dynamic of God transforming us as we imitate him. There are a wealth of resources available which we’ve built up over the years. Dave Bruce’s work in 2014 – including the Discipleship MOT – is still available online. And this year Charles Ruxton has written some really excellent material on......

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Feb 2017
Lent is coming - Introducing Growth Groups

Alongside talk of giving up chocolate and various other apparent vices, Lent can also be a time for taking on disciplines which help us to live for Jesus more fruitfully. This Lent we’re offering an opportunity to be part of a “Growth Group”. The purpose of these groups is mutual encouragement: a kind of cheering on in our walk with God, recognising the realities of life as it really is! The groups are deliberately small (3 or 4 people) to give members the chance to explore these realities more......

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Jan 2017
February 2017 prayer diary - now out

Our latest prayer diary – February 2017 – is now out. Pick up a copy from church, or download one online by following the link below. This month’s prayer diary focuses on the persecuted church. Open Doors – one of the leading supporters of people who suffer for their faith – produce a World Watch List of the 50 most affected countries. We follow some of them, day by day, from 28th position to 1st. May this prompt our own prayers, in thankfulness, or stimulate thoughts of that country’s place......

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Nov 2016

Getting ready for Christmas can feel a frenetic time of shopping, planning and cooking. And yet over the centuries Advent has also been a time to stop, to wait on God, and to go deeper in faith. This year – in our daily prayer as we meet together as well as individual use – we’re using some prayer guides from a number of different church leaders across the country. We hope it proves a useful resource. Why not let us know how you got on? https://www.premierchristianity.com/Past-Issues/2013/December-2013/Advent-Prayer-Calendar