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Dec 2015
Elaine Storkey's sermons

At our recent Trinity Churches joint service our distinguished guest speaker, Elaine Storkey stirred our thoughts as she spoke biblically, with power and clarity and encouraged us to stand against the violence towards women which is a global issue – and that includes our own country. In her recent book ‘Scars Across Humanity’ Elaine states that the statistics tell us that acts of violence against women across the globe produce more deaths, disability and mutilation than cancer, malaria and traffic accidents combined. And the truth is that these deaths......

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Nov 2015
Step into the Story with our Pop Up Nativity

The original Christmas story was populated by ordinary people including shepherds, innkeepers, carpenters, teenagers and the like. Over the coming weeks, look out for your chance to be part of the story this Christmas by taking part in our ‘Pop Up Nativity’. Pick your character, put your head through and grab a camera.   If you want to share your photo on our Facebook page, search for Trinity Churches Shrewsbury and post your picture.