Sunday Services

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There are a number of different Sunday services taking place across the parish. At each of the services you’re guaranteed a warm welcome, some friendly faces, engaging worship, and an opportunity to meet with God. There are refreshments served after each of our services to which you are very welcome.

Holy Trinity Meole Brace

HT Tower smallOur Sunday morning 9.00am service is a weekly Holy Communion with a more traditional feel. The Sunday 10.45am service is for all ages, with a more contemporary feel. A number of families worship at this service, so there are a wide variety of groups and activities for children and young people from 0 to 18.

The Sunday 6.30pm service has a contemporary feel, with opportunities for extended worship, Bible teaching and praying for each other.



SONY DSCChrist the King, Radbrook Green

The Church of Christ the King meet at 10.30am on Sundays in the Community Centre on Radbrook Green. People of all ages are welcomed within a relaxed and informal style of worship. The services last about an hour.



Confirmations 2013Church in the Meet Place, Meole Estate

The 11am service at The Meet Place meets monthly on the first Sunday of the month.  Many of our members gather from the Meole Estate and all are welcome.



“What should I expect at a church service?”

You can expect a warm welcome, great worship, an engaging sermon and a friendly group of people seeking to live their lives following Jesus. Also tea, coffee and biscuits!

“What should I wear?”

Whatever you normally wear! Some people still like their “Sunday best”, but ultimately we are more concerned with getting to know you than with what you wear.

“What usually happens during a service?”

In most Sunday services we start with a welcome, and then we sing together – feel free to join in with as much as you feel comfortable. We’ll then usually have a reading or two from the Bible, after which there will be a talk which will think through how God might want us to live our lives and how we can know Him better. We’ll then respond in various different ways – space to think, praying, and worshipping. We’ll usually finish with a song together and a sense of going out into God’s world refreshed and envisioned, and ready to live for Jesus more in the coming week.

“What if I’ve got children?”

There are lots of children and young people who get involved in different services and events across the parish. There are different events in each of the different Sunday services, and across the parish a strong commitment to helping people of all ages to grow in faith.

“Will I be expected to give money?”

It is important to us that visitors and newcomers don’t feel pressurised to give anything. What’s primary importance is that you feel welcome. People give by all sorts of different ways – cash, cheque, standing order, one-off donations etc – and all of our giving is in response to God’s love and part of our worship. Over the last five years we have given away over £100,000 to God’s work across the world and closer to home.