discipleLiving life as a Christian is an invitation to a lifetime of following Jesus, impacting every area of our lives. It’s not like choosing a leisure activity, something to fill an hour on a Sunday morning and we go about the rest of the week unchanged. Rather, its about allowing the life and the love of God to permeate every aspect of our lives;  our words, our actions, our thoughts, how we use our time, our gifts, our passions and our money.

The good news is that we don’t do this alone. We walk the journey of faith with others who can encourage and support us, and God gives His Holy Spirit who helps to transform us more and more every day into the likeness of Christ.

This “Getting involved” section talks about some of the ways in which we want people to get stuck into the life of the parish. This isn’t meant to be prescriptive or exhaustive, but is what we reckon is part of a healthy and balanced life as a Christian.

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