Thank you for considering giving to the life of Trinity Churches.

We’ve been blessed as people offer time, talents and money to support the ministry and mission of Trinity Churches. Almost all our income comes from individuals, many of whom give a regular, monthly amount. We are hugely grateful for your generosity. Everyone has a part to play in giving, and all that happens across the parish is made possible by those who pray, serve and give to the work of the church. We could not do it without you.



Many people give this way. You can ask your bank to make regular (e.g. monthly) payments from your account directly into the churches’ bank account.

To set up or amend a standing order, log in to your online banking or notify your local branch with our bank account details:

PCC Holy Trinity Meole Brace, Christ the King Radbrook
Account Number:

Sort Code: 30-97-62

Quote reference as: your first name and surname

Once you have set up or amended your standing order, please email us so we can identify your gift and thank you.


You can give to the church using a debit/credit card securely through our “ChurchSuite Donate” website. Please note there are small administrative charges connected with every donation, and you will have the option to ‘top up’ your donation to include these should you wish. Unless otherwise requested, please mark your donation as “Regular Giving”. 

You can also give a donation of up to £20 with our contactless giving terminal at Holy Trinity Church.


If you pay UK tax, we can recover an extra 25p on every £1 given, including gifts already made! So, whichever way you give, please complete the Gift Aid form.


Some give regularly by cash or cheque using numbered envelopes, placed in the collection plate at Sunday services.


Some give through charity payroll schemes such as Give as You Earn or Charities Aid Foundation.


Sometimes people want to make a special gift – perhaps as a way of saying thank you to God, or to celebrate a special event. 


We would love to encourage you to follow the example of previous generations and consider leaving a gift in your will to support our ongoing work. It is an amazing way of being generous so that future generations can continue to be blessed by the ministry and mission of the parish. Our legacy policy is to use gifts to help fund significant development projects, whether buildings, equipment or staff.


God and money?

Our attitude to money is an important part of our discipleship. Jesus often spoke about money, and what it means to be generous. It’s as if he wanted us to know that the way we handle our money has an important effect on our relationship with God. If we treat money God’s way, then we will enjoy a closer relationship with him.

There are a number of encouragements the Bible offers in our giving. It is part of our worship, and a response to the generosity of God. It is an act of faith and an integral part of discipleship, a privilege and a responsibility for all of God’s people. And – of course – we’re only giving back to God what is his in the first place!

How should I give to the local church?

Making a regular financial contribution to the life of the local church is not only biblical but also a very practical way of standing shoulder to shoulder with the whole church in demonstrating your commitment and support. There are some basic principles we want to live out at Trinity Churches, and would encourage everyone who belongs here to consider:

  • Regularly… at set times, whether weekly, monthly, or yearly.
  • Individually… everyone gets to participate, including children and young people. Whilst some may be able to give more and some less, ultimately God looks at the heart of the giver and not the amount.
  • Intentionally… it is good to think about our giving and to give in a planned way, reviewing it on an annual basis.
  • Locally… there are many other charities or mission agencies which we might support, but our primary commitment is to the local church.
  • Joyfully… we are not to give reluctantly or with compulsion, but freely and gladly, for “God loves a cheerful giver.”
  • Sacrificially… Paul talks about “excelling in the grace of giving”, encouraging us to step out into greater generosity and faith.

Alongside their primary giving to the local church many people also seek to give to other charities and missions, remembering that out of God’s abundant grace we can in turn be generous to others for “God loves a cheerful giver.” 

How much should I consider giving?

Many Christians say that 10% – a “tithe” of our income – is a good starting point in your giving. Whatever sacrificial step of faith you make in giving, God will honour your willingness. If you currently give 5% of your income, ask God to give you the courage to increase that percentage to say 8%. If you already give 8% then ask God to give you faith to increase that to 10%. If 10% then 15%…

What does the parish do with its money?

We have been blessed by people’s generosity over many years. The time, talents and energy – as well as regular giving – of hundreds of people play an important part in seeing lives transformed through the ministry and mission of Trinity Churches. From Alpha courses to regular breakfast clubs in Café Connect, from the many opportunities offered by the Trinity Centre to recent initiatives on the Meole Estate, we are a parish who invest generously in “living for Jesus, loving one another and setting a table for the world.”

How can I find out more?

If you have questions, comments or concerns about your own stewardship or the financial life of the church, please do contact a member of the stewardship group in confidence. The stewardship group is chaired by Rob Surl (10.45 congregation), and its members are across the congregations which make up Trinity Churches. All team members can be contacted via the Church Office on 01743 362399, or email Please note that individual financial details will be confidential to members of the stewardship group, but the PCC will be aware of the overall picture.